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Splatball Kids Paintball

Splatball Paintball

Experience the adrenaline of
UNLIMITED Paintballs!

Splatball is Junior Paintball. We use the same game styles and themed fields as the Adult Paintball, just with lower powered equipment and smaller paintballs.

The key element to Splatball is that everyone gets Unlimited Paintballs! So the harder you run, the more paintballs you get to shoot at your mates, now that is reward for effort!

At World Series Splatball the average player will use 350 paintballs during their session, so put your trigger finger to the test and see how many shots you can fire off.

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What our Customers Say

We love to hear feedback from our customers, so after customers play we encourage them to provide feedback on our product and service. To see what our customers have to say have a look at our customer reviews below

reviews Customer Reviews reviews
Average Rating: 4.8 / 5 from 818 Reviews
Friendly and helpful staff. Local pizza delivery was fantastic. Very happy teenagers. Thank you all for an incredible expery
4 /5 by Michelle reviewed on 2019-10-29
My son and his mates had a great time playing splatball. It was great to be able to watch them on the screens.
4 /5 by Meikhaela reviewed on 2019-10-26
What a great venue for a boys birthday party.. fresh air while shooting each other with paint! What more could 9yr old boys want. Awesome day Beats a supa-tramp party by far
5 /5 by Nerissa reviewed on 2019-10-25
The staff were fantastic everything was well organised and the kids had a great time.
5 /5 by Anna reviewed on 2019-10-25
The best end of season party ever The boys had a ball and would highly recommend this to anyone. Thanks so much for your communication prior and going out of your way on the day
5 /5 by Rebecca reviewed on 2019-09-17
Kids had fantastic time and still talking about it.
5 /5 by Henry reviewed on 2019-08-30
We have played here many times and we love it. Great staff with a special thank you to Brunos Cafe. Excellent coffee and yummy food. Thanks more making my sons birthday so much fun
5 /5 by Sharon reviewed on 2019-08-28
My son and our guests all had a great time with the activity and was well supervised. My only suggestion would be it would be great if catering was available at the venue.
4 /5 by Liza reviewed on 2019-08-28
Every single kid was raving about it. Some were reported as buzzing after the party. Both the boys and the girls loved it. The parents loved it too. So smoothly run brilliantly organised.
5 /5 by Mel reviewed on 2019-07-07
My son and his friends had a wonderful time playing splatball. The setting is spectacular and the staff extremely helpful and fun whilst adhering to safety with seriousness. Many thanks for a great session.
5 /5 by Lana reviewed on 2019-05-21
Friendly staff. Well organised. Everything run on time including the pizzas we ordered from Jessies.
5 /5 by Janet reviewed on 2019-05-20
What a great day! At the last minutes the 3 Dads decided to play Splatball with the kids and the Dads had a ball
5 /5 by Stuart reviewed on 2019-05-06
Thanks to the staff at the Oakleigh venue. My son had a great time celebrating his birthday with his friends. The staff were friendly and easy going.
4 /5 by Rosanna reviewed on 2019-05-06
Took my teenage sons in the school holidays for some fun. They loved it and want to go back and take some friends next time. It was well organised and booking was simple. Having unlimited pellets is a great benefit for trigger happy kids. Make sure they wear old clothes though
5 /5 by Jodie reviewed on 2019-05-05
Thanks World Series Splatball. You guys looked after us in every way. I would highly recommend splatball to any Club. Thanks again
5 /5 by Altona Life Saving Club reviewed on 2019-05-01
What an awesome way to spend your time, we LOVED the games we played and inside set up is unreal lots of places to take cover. I went with my bestie and both our dads and we ALL loved it .. will definitely be back.
5 /5 by Hugo reviewed on 2019-04-02
What a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday. The kids had an amazing time, lots of fun, lots of laughs. The staff were fantastic and extremely attentive. The facilities were great clean and lots of space. There were plenty of tables to utilise and the coffee was so good. Using Jessies pizzas was really convenient, piping hot super tasty and delivered right on time. I would recommend World Series Splatball to anyone, great fun for all ages.
5 /5 by Megan reviewed on 2019-04-02
So much fun, time flew past. For 10yo birthday party was just the right amount of time.
5 /5 by Mel reviewed on 2019-04-01
Great staff and great setup for paintball for kids party, my son and his friends had a ball. It was great that I wasnt charged for anything extra and also loved that I could bring my own food and drink and use the indoor tables. Highly recommend.
5 /5 by Jess reviewed on 2019-03-26
The boys and girls had a wonderful time. The coordinators were marvellous. Even though I was just a spectactor taking pictures I also had a great time despite being shot at twice.
5 /5 by Chengetai reviewed on 2019-03-25
Attendees had a great time facilitator was very good Facilities very good
4 /5 by Sharyn reviewed on 2019-03-19
My daughter attended during end of school activities and then chose to return for her 13th birthday. The kids absolutely loved the experience and would return again. From the parents perspective, good online booking system good communication prior, more direction upon arrival would be good for first time parents. A parents viewing room would be great. And lastly the table and seats area needs a good clean.
4 /5 by Nicole reviewed on 2019-03-18
Just a fantastic day of immense fun Kids loved i tand the staff were amazing. Highly recommended
5 /5 by Cherine reviewed on 2019-03-18
The kids had a great time
5 /5 by Deb reviewed on 2019-03-07
We all had a great time, our son enjoyed his party so much and so did his mates. Everything is made so easy and affordable which makes having a party for kids so enjoyable. Definitely would recommend Splatball to everyone. Staff were also very friendly.
5 /5 by Natalie reviewed on 2019-03-05
The staff were very professional and also Good humoured. The boys had a great time at their birthday party. Highly recommend!
5 /5 by Marni reviewed on 2019-03-04
Fantastic, well organised and the kids had a ball!!!
5 /5 by Michelle reviewed on 2019-03-04
What a great place to have a party. My son and his friends thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I organised food from Bruno's cafe and it was awesome! Very generous servings and great communication between the Splatball staff and cafe when our game finished a little late. The Splatball area was huge and really well laid out. Definitely recommend
5 /5 by Kylie reviewed on 2019-02-26
Thanks for making my son's party a fantastic experience. The kids had heaps of time in the field and really enjoyed the session - they can't wait to be able to play with the bigger paint balls! As a parent, I value that there is no minimum number required for a party and that the VIP applies per family, so 2 of our kids have used it this year - great value.
4 /5 by Simone reviewed on 2019-02-19
Kids had an amazing time, staff were very good, booking was easy and professional. The only disappointing thing was that the pizzas Which i ordered the night before from the associated pizza shop didn't arrive at all, which left me with 15 very hungry party kids and a disappointed birthday boy. This of course is of no fault of the World Series Splatball team. All in all, the kids had a ball!
4 /5 by Lisa reviewed on 2019-02-18

Mornings Afternoon Evening
9:30am 1:15pm 5:00pm
10:45am 2:30pm 6:15pm
12:00pm 3:45pm 7:30pm
12:00pm 1:00pm 2:00pm 3:00pm

All session are 1.5 hours + optional 30min for food and socialising afterwards

Splatball Prices
Groups 1 to 9
Per Person
Groups 10 to 19
Per Person
Groups 20+
Per Person

A deposit of $15 per player is collected when booking, the balance is then paid on the day. Prices are based on players who attend your party on the day.

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Splatball News...

Go Crazy with Unlimited Paintballs at World Series Splatball! With over 7 years experience of running paintball games we know the one key to ensuring our customers have a raving time is "More Paintballs = More Fun". So we have included unlimited paintballs with all our sessions to ensure our customers go crazy and walk away as Raving Fans of World Series Splatball. The average player uses around 350 paintballs (or 25 magazines), so as well as enjoying a heart thumping adrenaline rush, World Series Splatball is also sensational value at just $39.50 per person (some competitors are charging over $100 per person for the same number of paintballs* - can you believe it!).

Kids Paintball

Splatball is the name we have given to our Kids Paintball games to ensure we don't mix them up with the adult version. Splatball can be enjoyed from ages 8+ and is available at both Oakleigh and Little Eiver locations. It uses smaller paintballs and lower powered guns, other than that it is virtually the same!

Kids parties Melbourne

Splatball is the best party available for anyone aged 8 and above. Kids are raving about Splatball, seeing their mates jump and squirm after being nailed from long range — priceless!

Sporting Groups

Is there a better way to either start a season or finish a season than with a game of Splatball?  Splatball is a game that needs teamwork in order to win and take down the opposition so come and visit us to celebrate your team!


Let's get ready to rumble!  Mum against Son! Dad against Daughter! Or bring on the extended family and take down Pops!  Everyone's welcome when it comes to Splatball.

Paintball Versus Splatball

A lot of people want to know what are the difference between Paintball and Splatball so we have made an information pages to explain the similarities and differences between the two activitie. Click here for more info ....

Miniball Versus Splatball

Compare splatball to miniball and see how our unlimited paintball offering will save you heaps! Click here for more info ....

To organise your splatball session call 1300661650

*pricing comparision is correct as of 28/3/2017 as published on competitors websites.

world series splatball

World Series Splabtall 2 Locations:

Prices start from $30 for our VIP customers. For more info click here

OAKLEIGH: 9 Hamilton Street, Oakleigh Victoria 3166 Australia

LITTLE RIVER: 165-315 Gifkins Road, Little River Victoria 3211 Australia