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Little River Splatball Fields
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Little River is located on the foot of the You Yang Ranges just west of Melbourne near Werribee. All splatball (kids paintball) sessions include Gear Hire and most importantly Unlimited Paintballs. Whilst this version of paintball is aimed at kids and teenagers (ages 8+) it is still great fun for Adults as well (so parents are welcome to join in with their kids games).

Little River World Series Splatball

165-315 Gifkins Road, Little River, VIC 3211

Ph: 1300 66 16 50

Session Start Times:
Sessions start at 12:00pm, 1:00pm, 2:00pm and 3:00pm. Sessions last for 1.5 hours and groups are welcome to stay afterwards to eat and socialise.

There is plenty of parking available on site.

Public Transport:
There is no Public Transport to the venue, however we can organise a quote on a charter bus by using the quote tool, just clik here .

Food Facilities:
Little River has BBQ facilities and picnic tables that groups are welcome to use. There is also a Cafe on site if you prefer to have something catered for you.

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