Miniball V's Splatball

What is the difference between Splatball and Miniball?

"when a player shoots 315 balls then the price at World Series Splatball is $39.50 and at Miniball its $194.95"

Let me start out by saying they are both loads of fun. Splatball and Miniball are still a version of Paintball as you are shooting balls of paint at each other, however you are just using lower powered equipment. You get the satisfaction of shooting your mates or your mum or dad on a family visit, or your coach on a sporting break up. This is loads of fun. Both Splatball and Miniball have really good fields to play on and a variety of games on each of their fields.


The biggest difference is the price between Splatball and Miniball. The cost of Splatball at World Series Splatball is $39.50 and includes unlimited ammo and equipment hire (Gun, Body Armour and Paintball Face Mask). This is a set price and there are no hidden extras to catch unsuspecting parents ($9.50 is the gear hire component, $30 is the unlimited paintballs component – combined price is $39.50).

The players will typically shoot between 300 – 400 paintball in their session which is included in the $39.50 price tag. World Series Splatball has reload stations at each end of their fields. A player loads up their guns then manoeuvres forward on the field to an attacking area. Once they shoot their ammo (15 balls capacity in each gun) they run back and reload. They can do this as many times as they like during their session and generally the fitter you are the more you shoot. The average player reloads around 20-25 times in their session and shoots around 350 balls.

Unlike World Series Splatball, Miniball charges you for every ball you shoot. Miniball charges $19.95 for the gear hire (compared with $9.50 at WSS) then you pay for the balls on top of this. Miniball prices are: $10 for 15 balls (would only last 3-4 mins on the field at WSP), $25 for 45 balls (about 10 mins of play at WSP) or $199.95 for 495 balls (enough for 2 kids for 45 mins – 60 mins of play time at WSS). Compare that to Splatball with a fixed price and unlimited ammo. If a player shoots 315 balls then the price at World Series Splatball is $39.50 and at Miniball its $194.95. Imagine now you take a birthday party and have 15 kids shooting 315 balls each. At World Series Splatball it would be $39.50 x 15 = $592.50 compared to 15 x $194.95 = $2,924.25 (prices correct as of 22/3/2017 and quoted on standard gear hire and prices displayed on Miniball website).

There is one truism in Paintball – the more balls you shoot the more fun it is and having unlimited paintballs is truly the only way to play.

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