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How is Splatball different to Paintball

"The fun part of both is seeing your mates squirm once being hit providing you with the opportunity to trash talk your friends"

A lot of people want to know how Splatball is different to Paintball, so we will explain both the similarities and differences between the two activities.

So we will start with what Paintball and Splatball have in common:

The Ammo: Both activities shoot a Paintball which will burst on impact.  The fun part of both is seeing your mates squirm once being hit providing you with the opportunity to trash talk your friends.

Special Events: The event – Both Paintball and Splatball are used to celebrate Birthday parties, Hens Parties, Bucks Parties (although Splatball is not as common for Bucks due to the lower powered equipment and the mates of the Bucks parties want to give him a good send-off) and Work Functions are very popular.

The Games: Paintball and Splatball play similar games.  We try and be as inventive as possible with the game and we try never to eliminate someone as they are then sitting on the sidelines.  If you are hit we get you to go back to a check point and then you can re-enter the game.

The Adrenaline: Paintball and Splatball will get your heart racing! Both games will have you running, ducking, weiving, and crouching as you try to avoid getting pinned whilst still trying to nail your friends

The Clothing: Splatball and Paintball are always more fun in fancy dress. Whilst you can play in sporting clothes ( enclosed shoes are required), a funny costum or Onessie is always fun too. 

The Differences between Paintball and Splatball

How Many Paintball Included: Unlimited Paintballs – for Splatball we place a tub of balls at either end of the field.  The guns hold 15 balls in each load so you can load up, charge forward then once you have fired all of the balls you run back to reload and do it all again.  The Splatball Guns are a pump action so it’s one shot per pump.  Each player will shoot approx. 300-400 in their session and the fitter you are the more you shoot.  The Paintball Markers are a semi auto style gun and can shoot up to 6 balls per second if you pull the trigger fast enough.  Obviously we can’t give you unlimited balls at Paintball as you could literally go through 1000 balls in 10 mins and that would become a very expensive session.

The Guns: Paintball guns shoot the balls at approx. 300km/h and are gas powered where a Splatball gun shoots the balls at 150km/h and are powered by a spring.  Paintballs guns will shoot about 70m in distance where a Splatball gun will shot accurately about 30m. So the balls in Paintball will hit you with more impact than a Splatball.  We have “Surrender” rules with Paintball, anytime you are within 8m you make the opposition player Surrender rather than shooting them as obviously the closer you shoot some from the bigger the impact.   The Surrender rule is 5m for Splatball. 

Minimum Ages: Age restrictions apply for both Paintball and Splatball.  You need to be 16+ for Paintball.  This is not a World Series Paintball rule, it’s a Victorian Gun Law.  There is no way around it other than break the law therefore World Series Paintball take this very seriously.  Splatball players are required to be 8+ which is where our Public Liability Insurance kicks in.  Again we take this seriously as although we have never had an injury with Splatball why would anyone risk playing with no insurance.

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