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Kids Paintball - Perfect for Ages 8+

Splatball is the perfect Birthday Party for 8 and 9 year olds. Splatball is a lower powered version of traditional paintball with equipment that has been specifically designed to allow players aged 8+ to be able to play.

To read the thoughts of other customers with similar aged kids, we have listed their reviews below:

Great day doing splatball. Our host Zac was amazing and everyone had lots of fun. Great for kids 9
by Laney reviewed on 2020-02-25
My 9 year old and his friends had a great time playing splatball for his birthday. It was the perfect thing for this age group I found the communication from booking through to the day to be excellent and the staff on the day were all super friendly. We brought food for lunch and cake after the splatball and were lucky to get a table to have our little party. It was a very busy day and quite a few people hanging around waiting for tables so worth keeping in mind that table for party lunch may not be available. It would have totally thrown my plans if I had not managed to get a table. All up I was very happy with everything.
by Belinda reviewed on 2019-12-09
Group of 9 yr olds all had fun and were safe. Plenty of room to byo drinks food etc use tables chairs. Recommend this venue for something different.
by Dan reviewed on 2019-05-04
Went here for my sons 9th bday with 5 of his mates. Kids had a ball. Ordered pizzas from Jaimies pizza and brought some drinks and a cake with us. Staff were very friendly and professional and games were well organised. Would definately come here again with the kids or with some mates of my own. Definately recommend!
by Andrew reviewed on 2019-01-23
Organising a party for a group of 8 year old boys can be a challenge, but our group loved Oakleigh Splatball. Initially our group of youngsters was nervous as they thought they would be playing against grownups - quite the opposite. Our boys were playing in a well supervised space with a similar age group. They all left the area areas completely pumped and excited and literally had a blast. Grabbing a party table and being able to bring in our own food also made things very simple, and staff were highly helpful and very safety conscious. Thanks a ton guys!
by Angus reviewed on 2018-12-10
I would highly recommend a splatball birthday party. We celebrated my 2 sons birthdays who were turning 9 and 8, they absolutely loved it as did their friends. The party was easy and the staff were attentive and professional.
by Natasha reviewed on 2018-12-04
We hosted birthday party for our son who turned 9 and his group of friends. All of them had a great time, it was very safe as they adhered to the rules of the games and as defined by the game manager who was also present in the arena all through. We will soon be back to play as family and with our family friends to have more fun.
by Sonali reviewed on 2018-11-12
My Son Hasan awesome 9th Birthday at Splatball. The staff was helpful and it all ran without a problem. Great fun and would definitely recommend
by Jodie reviewed on 2018-10-23
Great venue and service with high quality instructors. My son had his 9th birthday party and he and his friends loved it. As a former Digger, I appreciated the staffs professionalism and focus on range safety while still allowing the kids to maximise their fun and enjoyment.
by Daniel reviewed on 2018-10-08
We had a great time at my sons 9th birthday party, it was great adults could go and play against the kids. All the kids had a great time.
by Tameeka reviewed on 2018-07-17
My 9 year old son had been begging to have his next party at a paintball place, so when we came across World series Splatball on the internet we decided to have his 9th Birthday there. He and his friends had an absolute blast, the instructor was very informative and kept the boys in control. They spent 1.5hrs covering each other in paint and couldnt stop talking about it all the way home. Well be back for sure. Highly recommend.Thanks David and team at Oakleigh.
by Ellika reviewed on 2018-07-16
6 boys (aged from 9 to 11) all had great time. Coming out sweaty and laughing. Great venue for boys!
by Ivy reviewed on 2018-06-18
wow - my son and two of his mates celebrated their 9th birthdays with 13 of their friends , and basically i cant imagine how they could have had more fun. they played for an hour and were covered in sweat and paint by the end of it. well run to Dave and his team!
by Nick reviewed on 2017-10-16
We had my sons 9th Birthday Party at Oakleigh Splatball on the weekend. The kids had such a fantastic time and said the paintballs didnt hurt them they they were worried they might. Tables are lined up and ready for you to put your party gear on while someone takes your kids through the activities. Well worth it if your looking for a super fun party venue where you really dont have to do much but bring the kids and the cake!
by Rochelle reviewed on 2017-10-09
My 9 year old son and his friends had an absolute ball. They loved it. The staff were very friendly and professional. Thank you Oakleigh Splatball.
by Selina reviewed on 2017-09-18
This was "the best party EEVVEERRR", they all said. And it really was. So easy to organise (booked on-line and got immediate confirmation). Really accommodating on the day with extra numbers and late comers. With choice of BYO party food, and/or option to order pizza (which turned up nice and hot and on time) and extra food from the cafe made catering really easy. Highly recommend it.(Party for 19 boys aged 9.)
by Kate reviewed on 2017-09-15
My 9yr old son Diesel had an absolute ball with all his friends playing Jnr splatball for his birthday party. Hes still taking about it! Great experience for them all and an added bonus that the staff were friendly and knowledgable.
by Natalie reviewed on 2017-07-24
My 9yr old son and 5 of his friends had an absolute blast. As a parent I truly appreciated the strict approach by the trainers/referees to the rules of playing for safety reason. Also loved the option of parents going in for a look + being able to have pizza delivered to the venue. Were SOLD!
by Christine reviewed on 2017-07-24
My son had his 9th Birthday Party here on the weekend. Oh my goodness, every single child had an absolute ball. My son had 2 girls at his party too, and they loved it also. Everyone at school today, told me it was the best Birthday Party they had ever been to!!
by Karen reviewed on 2017-06-27
My son had his 8 y old birthday there and from the moment I inquired I was very impressed. All questions were answered, and nothing was too much trouble. I will definitely recommend splattball to all
by Kate reviewed on 2017-05-11
Highly Recommend!!! We took 9 children for my sons 10th birthday and all the other guests were 9 with one 8 year old. They were super safe and it was super fun. They all loved it and want to come back. We booked for 10 and one didnt show at the last minute, so I was really surprised and appreciative when we were not charged for him. Thank you, we will be back
by Catherine reviewed on 2017-04-10
Fantastic! Had my sons 9th Birthday here and they had a ball, I definitely recommend this! Out Referee/Host Libby was great with the kids. Customer service with planning and booking was really good... we had some back and forth and their service and flexibility was awesome.
by Kendra reviewed on 2017-02-28
We had a great experience at splatball on Saturday, kids and adults had a ball, great value for money! We will definately be back regularly!!
by Tye reviewed on 2017-02-13
My kids - Girl 9. Son 11 loved it and Dad made a great target. Loads of fun, friendly staff.
by Ming reviewed on 2017-01-23
What a fantastic easy party. "So much better than I even expected" were the birthday boys comments. Thanks to all the team for their professionalism and patience with our group of excited 8 year olds.
by Lucy reviewed on 2016-11-14
A successful birthday party for a group of 9 and 10 year olds. They all had so much fun and could really release all that energy that boys have at that age. Staff were great, booking was easy, and pizza recommendation excellent and cheap. Thanks for keeping these boys happy and out of my home.
by Jenny reviewed on 2016-08-16
This was such a seamless party to organise. The staff at the venue were confident and a pleasure to deal with. We had a party of 10 boys, ages 9 & 10. They all said it was the best party ever! So easy to bring your own food and we ordered pizzas from around the corner and they were delivered on time. Highly recommend!
by Kasey reviewed on 2016-06-14
After having had two splatball parties for 9 year olds, the parents decided that we should join in with the kids. So we organised 6 families to have an afternoon of splatball. There were 26 of us, ranging in ages from 9 to 47. It was the greatest afternoon. Im not sure who had more fun - the kids or the adults. Its a brilliant family friendly thing to do. There are not a lot of things that can entertain both adults and kids. Thanks so much. We are going to make it an annual event!
by Jo reviewed on 2016-03-13
Great way to spend a 9 year old birthday party, The boys had a blast.
by Sally reviewed on 2016-02-24
We hosted our sons 9th birthday party at Splatball with 12 children & the feedback was tremendous! The kids had a ball - our son was so happy that his friends had such a great time. Perfect afternoon for energetic kids! Thank-you
by Lucy-Anne reviewed on 2015-10-26
My son had his 9th birthday at Splatball and he could not have been happier. All the children had such a blast, the staff there where very professional and approachable. Thank you all for making my sons day one to remember. I recommend Oakley Splatball 100% and will be re-visiting again.
by Dannielle reviewed on 2015-08-25
WOW, kids had a blast and probably the best bday party my son has had in his whole 9 years! Staff were friendly, organised & the instructor (the guy running around with the kids/induction on the game) was great with the kids and made the experience even better for the kids! Highly recommend this venue! We will be returning in the near future if my son has his way!
by Kelly reviewed on 2015-06-15