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Splatball Paintball

Experience the adrenaline of
UNLIMITED Paintballs!

Splatball is Junior Paintball. We use the same game styles and themed fields as the Adult Paintball, just with lower powered equipment and smaller paintballs.

The key element to Splatball is that everyone gets Unlimited Paintballs! So the harder you run, the more paintballs you get to shoot at your mates, now that is reward for effort!

At World Series Splatball the average player will use 350 paintballs during their session, so put your trigger finger to the test and see how many shots you can fire off.

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What our Customers Say

We love to hear feedback from our customers, so after customers play we encourage them to provide feedback on our product and service. To see what our customers have to say have a look at our customer reviews below

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Average Rating: 4.8 / 5 from 585 Reviews
The kids (and the adults) had so much fun! Libby was awesome. would definitely recommend it for a great birthday party. We will be back. thanks again!
by Donna reviewed on 2018-02-12
Easily the best and most relaxed childrens birthday party we have ever hosted! Parents and children were all very happy!
by Bianca reviewed on 2018-02-12
Kids had a ball. A lot of fun. I even enjoyed playing with the kids and as soon as we left, all the kids asked if we could go back again. Definitely will.
by Blair reviewed on 2018-02-08
Fantastic place for party. Ran so smoothly, kids loved it. All but one had never heard of splatball before and some were a bit worried that it might hurt but it was fine. All the boys really enjoyed it. Thank you.
by Dana reviewed on 2018-02-05
Perfect venue. My boys had a ball and so did their friends. this place is particularly good, just when your kids have grown out of play centers. Bring them here and they have a great relationship with the local pizza restaurant, who deliver to your party booking.
by Jennifer reviewed on 2018-02-05
The boys had the absolute best time!!!!!
by Manuela reviewed on 2018-02-05
My son and his friends had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday at Splatball. We are all looking forward to returning to play again.
by Anita reviewed on 2018-01-29
I really enjoyed it because it was like playing proper paint ball without as much pain. It is also very fun because it is like being on a battlefield in the middle of a war.
by Chris reviewed on 2018-01-16
Thanks for having us for my sons 10th birthday. The kids had an awesome time and certainly got a workout. The adults that joined in also thought it was great fun. Well organised, the referee was great with the kids and they enjoyed the games that they took part in. It made it super easy bringing our own snacks and the pizza we ordered was on time and yum! We will be back for sure! Thanks again!
by Leah reviewed on 2018-01-16
A massive thank you to the team at Little River. Our son and his friends had the best time celebrating his 12th birthday! Safety was top priority to the staff which made us parents feel at ease. The kids all had an absolute ball and cant wait to play again!
by Carrie reviewed on 2018-01-16
Our team of nine 8 years olds had an absolute blast playing splatball for my sons 8th Birthday! The staff were super flexible and accommodating from initial booking right through to on the day when we had one extra child to add in. The on-site cafe was great also, taking the hard work out of self catering. We will be back!
by Nicola reviewed on 2018-01-08
Our son had a great time at the birthday party at Splatball. Very friendly and professionally run. It was also apparent that safety was a top priority. Would highly recommend.
by Rohan reviewed on 2017-12-20
My son & his friends had a fantasic time, they loved every minute of SPLATBALL, just wished it was longer !!!!!!!!
by Fiona reviewed on 2017-12-20
What a great venue for a 14 year old boys birthday party. Even the adults got involved and played. The guys running the check in, intro session and the actual games were brilliant. The cafe was fantastic catering with wonderful pizzas and Bruno the owner was very helpful. Highly recommend.
by Kerrie reviewed on 2017-12-19
Kids had a fantastic time
by Denise reviewed on 2017-12-19
Fantastic place to host birthday party, especially for boys. David and his Staff were very helpful. My boy had a wonderful time there with his friends. Highly recommended!
by Maggie reviewed on 2017-12-18
The Staff were incredibly friendly, the scenarios were fantastic, I took a group of 8-23 yr olds and we all loved the experience.
by Luke reviewed on 2017-12-13
Well organised and runs on time. The children had a great time. Plenty of tables/benches for set up of food. Ease of bringing in your own food also great. Ill definitely be doing more events for the kids here.
by Mona reviewed on 2017-12-12
My son and his friends had so much fun at World Series Splatball. The staff are nice and friendly. The staff are so organised and polite even when they are busy. I am very impressed with the services they provide and would love to come back again. Thanks.
by Crystal reviewed on 2017-12-12
Kids had great fun. We didnt need to be too involved. Great time for Pete. Thank you.
by Vickie reviewed on 2017-12-06
Very impressed with the phone call confirmation before the day. It was a little busy round the desk area, not that clear as to what needed to happen once we had checked in. However, the event was well run and the boys had a great time. It also helped being indoors after the downpour on Friday.
by Tracey reviewed on 2017-12-06
The kids had great fun, we had 18 teenagers, and it was mayhem in a nice way! Would do it again.
by Anusha reviewed on 2017-12-06
My boys had a great day, as well as their 8 mates. Well organised . Supervising guy was personable and great with the kids They cannot wait till they turn 16 to be in the big time. Though i am sure you will see them over the school holidays. Thanks
by Darren reviewed on 2017-12-03
Very happy! Love that you do not have minimum numbers, the option of purchasing a VIP, BYO food and the overall price! Very happy :)
by Jessica reviewed on 2017-11-29
We just had our third party at your venue, this was the second Dplatball party in a row for one son. We cannot fault the experience. The ability to self cater really helps with the cost, and the actual Splatball is worth every cent. The boys just have the best time! Thanks so much.
by Lucy reviewed on 2017-11-20
Weve avoided birthday parties for 2 years as a result of my sons anxiety, this year however he decided to be brave and have a party at Splatball with 7 of his school mates. What a great decision that was, the kids had a ball and my son said it was the best and wished they could play for hours. Great fun and easy to organise, thanks to the staff at World Series Splatball!
by Gabrielle reviewed on 2017-11-20
Awesome place, it’s in the country great drive but also a fantastic cAfe to eat drink relax. Definitely worth going again.
by Rob reviewed on 2017-11-14
Kids had a ball!!!! Host was awesome!!!!
by Fiona reviewed on 2017-10-30
Love everything about this place! Well organised with wonderful service and great facilities for a birthday party or work entertainment! Highly recommended
by Perry reviewed on 2017-10-23
Our group (9 and 11 year olds) had a great time, even those who had not done it before and were a little apprehensive. Awesome was liberally used after their session! It is a very busy but highly organised place with good space for multiple groups and parties. Pizzas were on time and enjoyed by all. Thank you very much for an easy and fun experience.
by Felicity reviewed on 2017-10-23
Very friendly staff. Extremely impressed with the service and will 100% be recommending to others. The boys had fun. Wish you well in the future.
by Taylah reviewed on 2017-10-23
We had 5 10yr old boys, 1 9yr old girl, 1 teenager and 2 adults play splatball and they all had a ball. No one complained of getting hurt, they used lots of energy and had a fantastic day.
by Geraldine reviewed on 2017-10-16
This is our second time here. It is alot of fun and great value for money.
by Christine reviewed on 2017-10-16
The staff were really friendly and helpful and accommodating. The kids had a ball and well definitely be coming back!!!
by Amy reviewed on 2017-10-10
So easy, friendly service from booking all the way through to the end. All the kids had a ball. Thanks for creating such a fun environment
by Suzanne reviewed on 2017-10-09
Kids loved the game. They had fun. Felt that as parents we would like to see how they are playing , interacting , working as a team. But couldnt see them from outside. If there is a provision of TV showing kids play would have been wonderful
by Kiran reviewed on 2017-10-09
Our family of four played Splatball at Oakleigh. It was so much better than I expected. Ample amount of time to cover my kids and hubby with paint! Loved it, will be back again. And mums.....if you are second guessing whether you should join in....do it! You wont regret it! T-Shirts for the kids at the end were awesome value for money too!!
by Rebecca reviewed on 2017-10-02
The kids had a great time. They appeared to be pretty well supervised. The gear that was provided for them was good at protecting their skin and their clothes. In Little River I suggest some better signage and getting children dropped off and collected at the same spot as the current set-up is confusing.
by Deb reviewed on 2017-10-02
Boys had a blast! Thank u
by Shanelle reviewed on 2017-10-02
Thanks to the team at Oakleigh Splatball, my son had a great birthday party! Throughout the entire process of booking the party, confirming and then on the actual day, the staffs communication and service was great. The venue is no fuss which was perfect as we could bring our own drinks and food and set up on the tables provided. There are also lots of places around to order food from if you wish. Thanks again, we will definitely be back !!
by Peta reviewed on 2017-09-25
Our boys had a wonderful time. The instructors were fantastic. Maybe a viewing area would be great for the back area
by Molly reviewed on 2017-09-18
Great day out for our basketball team. Shouldve done it for a bonding session not a break up. Hah
by Fiona reviewed on 2017-09-18
The boys had a great day, once it going. Appeared to be a little unorganized first up, as we were unsure what the process was, but once we spoke to the young lady leading the splatball group, it was all quite clear. There was no mention of splatball in the initial reception area, only what the process was for paintball. Other than that, it was great. Great facilities, staff very friendly and helpful. Great cafe too, with good food at good prices.
by Lee reviewed on 2017-09-18
My son and his mates had a fantastic time playing Splat Ball at your venue, I found all staff were very attentive and friendly and all our requests and questions were met with friendly smiles, nothing was too much trouble for them. I would definitely recommend this venue to my family and friends.
by Natalie reviewed on 2017-09-18
We had a great time, staff were friendly and well organised and the kids had a ball. Highly recommend this for any sporting club looking for a fun and engaging celebration for their kids.
by Wantirna South JFC reviewed on 2017-09-11
by Adam reviewed on 2017-09-05
by Justine reviewed on 2017-09-05
The fact that this is my sons third birthday in a row at World Series Splatball should say it all. As always it is great fun and suitable for all ages. A couple of parents also played along which is always fun. Staff were attentive and safety conscious and also ensured the games ran smoothly.
by Darren reviewed on 2017-09-04
Great fun, only concern was it was a little slow getting started so we went overtime.
by Brenton reviewed on 2017-09-04
We had a great time at Oakleigh Splatball for my sons 11th birthday party. David and his team accommodated all our change in player numbers, different arrival times and all our requests. The boys had a wonderful time and were well looked after and safe at all times. The facilities for after-splat ball pizza and cake were good too with Jessies pizzas being delicious, good value for money and delivered on time. Many thanks David and team. I highly recommend Oakleigh splat ball for a birthday party.
by Prue reviewed on 2017-08-29
The team and myself enjoyed the night. The staff were great and with recommended.
by Stuart reviewed on 2017-08-29
The kids were super nervous about getting hit with a splatball, but they ended having a great time and bragged to their friends about their exploits later on! Its not really cheap, but the staff are super organised and handle the children really well. I liked the fresh pizza delivery right on time too! And when the kids wanted to run and play after eating - they are really easy going. I might come down with some of my mothers group one day if we are feeling tough...
by Kate reviewed on 2017-08-29
Excellent venue for my sons 11th birthday. The boys had fun and so did we! Our host was awesome! She was a great help and made our time fun. My husband will be back to play with the big kids:)
by Michelle reviewed on 2017-08-29
We all had an excellent time at the party. Shame it rained so my only feedback would be to have a bigger undercover area as our party had over 30 people. Many thanks again Mimi.
by Mimi reviewed on 2017-08-29
My son had his 10th birthday party at World Series Splatball. The kids loved it (best party ever Im told). The staff were friendly, organised and totally in control of over 20 over-excited 10 year olds. Self catering is easy (just turn up and grab a big table) and gives you flexibility on what to eat and how much to spend. The staff are quick to clean as each group leave, ready for the next party. The only drawback of the venue is the lack of onsite car parking - especially if you are unloading a large quantity of food and drinks. Planning ahead will help alleviate any frustrations associated with this.
by Sarah reviewed on 2017-08-29
We love this place - weve hosted half a dozen parties here in the last three years, and we keep coming back. We even booked our u11 footy club celebration here (happening tonight!). Staff and management are fabulous, very helpful. The only thing they dont do is cater for parties as they dont have a kitchen. However, they do have fridges, snacks, coffee machine and space to store an ice-cream cake and big trestle tables for when you self cater. Wear old clothes and shoes as the floor is very sticky. Unavoidable with paint pellets. Splatball is relatively gentle low pressure firing, so pellets to the neck just give a hickey not even a bruise, and dont generally hurt the kids. Highly recommend joining as a VIP.
by Fiona reviewed on 2017-08-25
I really enjoyed my experience at World Series paintball on the weekend. My friends and myself had such a great time shooting each other, running around and getting a bit dirty. We made it a competition to see who could shoot the most people and although I didnt win it brought me a lot of laughs and worthwhile memories. I cant wait to do this again as it was such an enjoyable experience!
by Tess reviewed on 2017-08-22
We had a fantastic time at World series splatball, the kids did not stop talking about it. Money well spent and definitely will be going back there, the staff are very friendly and very helpful. Probably the best birthday party my son has ever had. Thanks again guys for the fantastic day. Regards Harry Slater
by Harry reviewed on 2017-08-21
Well organised, kids had a great time! Enjoyed it immensely.
by Simon reviewed on 2017-08-21
My 18 boys had so much fun! Would do it again!!
by Kerry reviewed on 2017-08-21
Very easy party, staff very helpful preparing and following up date and numbers. Staff great on the day - only negative was it was a bit dirty. Kids didnt care of course and had a great time
by Nancy reviewed on 2017-08-15
My son celebrated his 13th birthday with a splatball party. We had a range of ages from 8 to 45 playing and each and every one had a ball. I found the staff very helpful and Dave made the whole booking process easy and was able to answer any queries I had and accommodating to any changes I needed to make. Thanks for s great afternoon
by Cheryl reviewed on 2017-08-14
by Stirling reviewed on 2017-08-14
We had a group of boys as well as a few parents attend just for fun. They all loved it and talked about it for days. We had the venue to ourselves, and our host ensured they all had an amazing time. He was very thorough and explained the safety rules that go with splatball. I would highly recommend this venue.
by Maria reviewed on 2017-08-09
Kids had a great time. Online booking was convenient and easy.
by Stacey reviewed on 2017-08-08
We called at the last minute mid-week to enquire about a same-day splatball session for 4 adults + 4 kids aged between 8 and 13. Our friends were visiting from overseas and we were looking for something fun that everyone could take part in. Although we hadnt provided any notice the team at Splatball were able to get it organised for us and we had two team members running our session throughout. Equipment, safety briefing all worked well and the guys were as helpful as can be. We have a much larger group coming back in a couple of weeks time and were all very much looking forward to it. Highly recommended.
by Lee reviewed on 2017-08-07
Party went really well., The staff were really helpful and friendly. The kids had a ball. We went Sunday late afternoon which was great as we nearly had the place to ourselves. Look forward to the new set up at Oakleigh - it sounds great
by Fiona reviewed on 2017-08-04
Great place for a birthday party. Our second year in a row here - the kids just love it!
by Jodie reviewed on 2017-08-02
My group of 11 teenage boys loved it!
by Emma reviewed on 2017-08-01
Our son had a birthday party here. Everybody had a fantastic time!!! Staff were very helpful with all quires leading up to and on the day of party. So very convenient to order Pizza delivery to venue. Such a breeze and easy booking. Recommended for all age groups. We even took out a VIP membership on the day!!!
by Sonia reviewed on 2017-07-31
Very well organised and helpful with all my queries, very happy how safety conscious they were. The kids had a ball
by Michelle reviewed on 2017-07-28
Staff were outstanding. Professional and accommodating. Highly recommend Splatball and well be back.
by Kristy reviewed on 2017-07-24
Boys apsolutely loved the splatball experience. Staff were fantastic to deal with on everything from booking, catering and on the day with the boys.
by Merewyn reviewed on 2017-07-22
Our kids love splatball. Its their favorite indoor activity!
by Ping reviewed on 2017-07-19
Good venue. Well organized and good activities. Briefing was informative and safety made clear. Certainly recommend the venue and will return again
by Richard reviewed on 2017-07-11
The kids had a ball - great fun - well organised Recommendation would be to have in house food and drinks for parties - otherwise pretty good
by Peter reviewed on 2017-07-11
Was awesome fun! Kids loved it, i played with the kids also and i enjoyed it alot too.
by Alison reviewed on 2017-07-11
Kids had a great time. Only feedback would be that we were hanging around for quite a while not sure what was happening. My daughter now wants her party there
by Sarah reviewed on 2017-07-06
The boys had a great time "shooting" each other, in the nicest and friendliest way possible. It would be good if there was an elevated viewing platform for parents to watch in relative comfort. The staff are friendly and ready to help. Thank you
by Suzy reviewed on 2017-06-27
This was an excellent venue for a party. The boys had a great time and the lady in charge was great with the kids. Being able to use the BBQ afterwards was a great finish to the day. Will be back
by Amanda reviewed on 2017-06-21
Having a venue under cover for a June birthday party for my 12yr old son was the initial reason I booked, then I spoke to the staff and was reassured that the boys would have a great time. No extra to pay, I have heard some others cost a lot extra on the day for ammunition etc. Printable invites were on the website, by far the easiest party we have done. The nearby pizza delivery was very handy and the tables reserved for you for the party made it so easy. Most importantly the boys had such a fun time. I joined VIP to save on the party, but we will definitely be back in the school holidays.
by Jodie reviewed on 2017-06-20
It was our second Splatball party and it didnt disappoint. such a great way to entertain 18 boys! Lots of action then BYO chips, cake and drink. So easy! Thanks to all the staff who were great.
by Lucy reviewed on 2017-06-20
This was a really fun, super easy party. The staff were great and my son had a fantastic time with his mates. It was super easy to cater for too by ordering pizza and just bringing a few snacks and drinks and a cake. I would highly recommend world paintball series.
by Zoe reviewed on 2017-06-20
Well Organised - Great Fun - Helpful staff Kids loved playing paintball
by Anonymous reviewed on 2017-06-15
Kids had an awesome time . They all said it was the best party they had ever been to. Well organised and great staff . Will return again .
by Nathan reviewed on 2017-06-06
Great time had 22 kids having girls against boys teams they all loved it, give it a go for amazing time...
by Simon reviewed on 2017-05-31
Fabulous place. Excellent service. Definitely will be back. Highly recommend this place.
by Sophie reviewed on 2017-05-29
This is our second experience with WSSB, and once again we had a great time. The staff were friendly and attentive, the kids had a ball on the field. It would be good to see a little more variety to the fields but otherwise excellent!! Being able to order in pizza and byo soft drinks made the night affordable and really enjoyable!!! Great job guys!!!
by Rachel reviewed on 2017-05-27
Really love this place , cant wait for the revamp , staff always friendly and very helpful. Thanks Luisa
by Luisa reviewed on 2017-05-23
have been here a few times now,great fun well organised and unlimited paint balls would highly recommend for a great day out
by Brad reviewed on 2017-05-16
Great place for a party. Staff were helpful from the first point of contact all the way through. Could not fault the service and the kids had a fabulous time. An easy hassle free venue for a party. Pizzas from the recommended pizzeria were great too! We will be back!
by Annie reviewed on 2017-05-15
Boys had a great time & have been raving about it since. Staff were very helpful and it was such an easy Birthday party.
by Kylie reviewed on 2017-05-15
The guys had an awesome time, the 40 something guy they all stalked and ganged up on ... Not so much. The kids are still talking about the great shots they pulled off and how they are all 100% coming back. The staff were fun and obviously knew their stuff. Highly recommended for all ages. It was great to see the families having bbqs and picnics on site, hopefully I can coerce my boss to have our next Christmas gathering there
by Rob reviewed on 2017-05-06
Had an amazing time with my extended family. Great family activity that everyone can get involved in. Staff were very friendly and helpful which added to a fun experience. Id highly recommend it - were still laughing and talking about it. Well definitely be back.
by Kate reviewed on 2017-05-01
Great fun afternoon for my sons twelfth birthday. We got involved in splat ball (young and old). The venue was easy to get to and well organised.
by Matt reviewed on 2017-05-01
What a wonderful time my son and his friends had playing splatball. Well organised and lovely, friendly and helpful staff.
by Simone reviewed on 2017-05-01
The Boys all had a fantastic time! A very happy birthday boy Well organised and friendly staff!
by Prue reviewed on 2017-04-27
Great customer service from the 1st call! Loved that we only had to take in the cake, a few bags of chips, plates, cups and soft drink - plenty of tables - great recommendation of local and well priced pizza restaurant nearby who delivered the pizza at the exact agreed time - devoured by all - very accommodating with last minute number increase. The staff were great with our 14, 12 year old boys - they were thoroughly exhausted, entertained keen to return. Thank you!
by Kylie reviewed on 2017-04-26
what a fantastic venue we could not recommend this place more. We held my sons 10th birthday and all the kids enjoyed playing. The staff were all extremely helpful. The local pizza place delivered yummy pizza at a very reasonable price. Great party
by Michelle reviewed on 2017-04-26
We had a ball, a very easy day out with very little to do, but have a load of fun. Thank you :)
by Jo reviewed on 2017-04-18
The boys loved their day of splatball!!! The staff were great fun and we cant wait to come again. Thanks!
by Leah reviewed on 2017-04-12
The kids had an absolute ball. Everything was well explained
by Mark reviewed on 2017-04-12
Kids had the best time and loved joining in myself.. Definitely come back.. Open one in the northern suburbs please...
by Paul reviewed on 2017-04-11
I think all the kids loved it and we would come back again. We would recommend it to other parents
by Irene reviewed on 2017-04-10
The players all had fun and would love to go again. Staff were friendly and helpful. Would recommend to anyone looking for something different to do.
by Sharon reviewed on 2017-04-10
We had a great time. The referee was good and the organised games were lots of fun. We will definitely go back.
by Alex reviewed on 2017-04-05
All went really well from the booking, phone calls confirming, we turned up the boys had fun and we came home. No issues and all run very well, with a lot of people to have to sort out too.
by Linda reviewed on 2017-04-03
Great activity once you have done the other "soft options". The kids loved it and all want to return. Excellent value for money and great staff. Well done guys. We will return. Peter _
by Peter reviewed on 2017-03-31
We love playing splat ball. There are not many activities three teenage girls a teenage boy and four adults can all enjoy equally. It is great to see the kids off their screens and running around. The set up is very well run and professional, I cant recommend it highly enough. We have also played at Oakleigh and that is great too.
by Georgina reviewed on 2017-03-27
could not faulter anything Beautiful day BBQ facilities available staff very helpful & friendly great day had by all
by Lisa reviewed on 2017-03-27
We were looking for something different for the basketball end of season presentation. Splatball was it! We decided on parents vs kids to keep the day interesting... a great day was had by all ..even siblings joined in . We used the bbq area and had our trophy presentation whilst the kids chatted about their antics on the field ,a few soldiers emerged that afternoon! Definitely worth considering if your looking to do something different.
by Lisa reviewed on 2017-03-14
We had an amazing day for my sons birthday very well organised and so much fun. We had a ball thanks guys the day was awesome.
by Lori reviewed on 2016-09-21
Was such a fantastic day for our boys. Everything was organized so well and all the people were so helpful in person and on the phone. I will be definitely coming back next year for our break up again. Thank you everyone for all you did. We had a fantastic day
by Grace reviewed on 2016-09-20
Thankyou Splatball! My son had a wonderful birthday party! They all wanted to keep playing. The kids said it was the best party ever! Defiantly have to come back again. Was also great we could bring our own party food and drinks. Great work, thanks !
by Lauren reviewed on 2016-09-13
We held our basketball team break up at Splatball. It was awesome. Amazing, fast communication, easy to book. Great easy check in, everything is provided. We could bring our own food with no hassles. The boys had an amazing time. Thanks for a great day.
by Jo reviewed on 2016-09-12
Kids had a great time and are still raving on about it! Staff were friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back.
by A-M reviewed on 2016-09-01
Best party we have had, the kids had a ball and I just got to sit back and relax.
by Lisa reviewed on 2016-08-29
Was a great day everyone was very friendly and helpful. The kids had a ball
by Hillside Under 12 reviewed on 2016-08-24
A fun venue thats a blast for boys of all ages. The prices are very reasonable for what you get (yes, even the coffee). Will bring back my son and his friends again over the holidays. Just remember to bring a tablecloth and your own ice for cold drinks for partys. I am dropping a star because they should have a water fountain for casual players coming back from a game - usually dehydrated.
by Pranil reviewed on 2016-08-23
The information given & follow up calls we received after booking on-line were appreciated. The boys had a great time on the day, It was well organised & great outdoor fun for both the adults & kids. Highly recommend the great customer service & facility.
by Debbie reviewed on 2016-08-23
All the boys loved it staff friendly A1 place
by Fiona reviewed on 2016-08-22
Great fun kids LOVED it. Staff were fantastic. Over all money well spent.
by Marcus reviewed on 2016-08-15
Staff were great from booking the party and on the day.
by Victoria reviewed on 2016-08-15
Awesome experience! I took my little cousins who came from overseas for a visit to play paintball for the first time, wasnt disappointed at all, everyone loved the set up and the gears.I highly recommend this place and next time will be going back with a group of adults too. I appreciate the help of the Staff to make this happen.
by Evan reviewed on 2016-08-01
by David reviewed on 2016-07-22
Great day out for the kids (teenagers). They had a blast playing Splatball. Service was great and prices are very good. They only wished it went for longer and would have been happy to play all day. Will be back for sure to play again.
by Bianca reviewed on 2016-07-12
It was really well run and the referee was great. Will defiantly be coming back.
by Ben reviewed on 2016-07-11
Boys had a great time, good value with unlimited paintballs! Ground rules were clear for kids to follow and staff were friendly. Will definitely come again.
by C. Forder reviewed on 2016-07-11
Took my granddaughters a week or so ago they had the best time they have ever had with Nanny. It certainly was a terrific afternoon well be back!!
by Lynda reviewed on 2016-07-11
The boys had a ball! Perfect for boys parties.
by Leanne reviewed on 2016-07-06
Hi David I wish to thankyou and your staff for assisting my daughter and grandson (both have an intellectual disability).They both said they had a great time but had a little difficulty learning how to use the equipment.Nothing that practice wont fix. So from that I believe they wish to go again
by Rebecca reviewed on 2016-07-05
Thanks for a fantastic time, the kids and parents loved the Splat Ball and will definitely be back.
by Vicki reviewed on 2016-07-04
The 7 boys at the party really enjoyed playing Splatball. As a parent, we enjoyed watching the boys have so much fun. We recommend World Series Splatball for a great party choice.
by Michelle reviewed on 2016-07-04
Kids had the best time. The staff were great and the event was well co-ordinated. It was also helpful that the referee had a loaded splatball gun on-hand to help out those with reloading problems.
by Estelle reviewed on 2016-07-03
We had a school group of 54 Fathers & Sons participate in the World Series Splatball and the feedback I received was very positive. The boys and the dads had a great time. My dealings with the admin staff were excellent. Very accommodating and patient. Brett was cheerful and very helpful on the day. Overall, a great experience. Keep up the great work guys. :-)
by Patty reviewed on 2016-06-06
The boys had a blast - they loved shooting each other and talked for ages later about who shot who. The staff were all really helpful and polite - even provided candles for my sons birthday cake when I realised I had forgotten them!
by Sarah reviewed on 2016-06-06
Awesome fun! All had a great time (think the grandads enjoyed it most!) Our group were aged from 10-60 years and all had a ball.
by MT reviewed on 2016-06-06
This is the third time we have had a party for our boys here and have never been disappointed. Kids had a ball with the added bonus of no clean up at home. Love that you can bring along your own food and drinks to the venue.
by Rachel reviewed on 2016-05-30
Thanks for making our sons birthday so easy. Staff were fantastic. Would recommend Splatball to anyone. Thanks again
by Brett reviewed on 2016-05-24
The boys had a great time, and the lower powered guns were fantastic as none of the boys were too sore afterwards, which is something the mums had been worried about!
by Rebecca reviewed on 2016-05-17
Games were really fun, people very nice, great attitude. Good value. Looking forward to going back again!
by Monty reviewed on 2016-05-16
The feedback from the kids that attended my sons Birthday was that it was the "best party ever". I have no idea what they did, as I handed the kids over and then got them back an hour and a half later. Brilliant! Highly recommended....
by Nathan reviewed on 2016-05-16
Boys had a great time. Super easy to book a time slot. Well organised once we arrived and eveything was explained.
by Rachel reviewed on 2016-05-09
Thanks for making my sons birthday one he wont forget. He along with 18 friends and 2 dads in play had an amazing fun time. Dad even wants to go back - just because it was such fun!! The staff were also very professional and helpful and made the party a breeze. I would recommend Oakleigh Paintball with a big thumbs up
by Tania reviewed on 2016-05-04
The kids had a fantastic time and their ref Matt was awesome fun. They loved the different games and extra twists such as the introduction of "the bomb". Everything was so easy and ran so smoothly and the staff were always super-helpful. It was really great. Thanks :)
by Sharon reviewed on 2016-04-18
Well organised and professionally run. I took my son and five of his friends aged between 15 and 16 for his birthday. Threes days later they are still talking about how much fun they had.
by Leon reviewed on 2016-04-18
We have been to both the Oakleigh venue and Little River. Both are excellent venues with a really relaxed atmosphere and so much flexibility, especially if you are hosting a birthday! The kids had a marvelous time and no doubt we will be coming back. Thanks World Series Splatball!
by Cathy reviewed on 2016-04-14
It was a great day! The kids really enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun. Great idea for a kids party. Its easy too parents can just relax while the kids run a muck so its hassle free. The use of the BBQ facilities made it easy to feed them all when they were done. Thank you we will back!
by Jake reviewed on 2016-04-13
Kids had a ball. It was very organised and stress free. Would definitely have another party there.
by Rebecca reviewed on 2016-04-12
BRILLIANT best ever
by Evonne reviewed on 2016-04-11
I am a twelve year old boy, and I came to world series splatball with three friends, and we all thought it was fantastic. Its far cheaper than other paintball places, but the courses are still good and the staff are friendly. The unlimited paintball system is good, because it means you can have fun without worrying about spending a million dollars. I got a VIP, which seems like good value, and im coming back again for my birthday and maybe on a few weekends. Overall its a fantastic place.
by Dominic reviewed on 2016-04-11
All the kids - big and small - had a great time!
by Hayley reviewed on 2016-04-11
by Belinda reviewed on 2016-04-11
excellent,facilities were clean and the group ran on time and the children enjoyed themselves
by Michael reviewed on 2016-04-09
I attended Oakleigh Slatball, Sunday 3rd of April, with my son and his friend. The staff at this location were fantastic. With a special mention for Brett who kindly let me know how my boy was going during his session. I very much appreciated this. He and the other staff were professional and friendly. A great combination for a business. An awesome time was had. We cant wait to go back.
by Dana reviewed on 2016-04-06
Loved it - thank you :)
by Zani Family reviewed on 2016-04-04
Its my pleasure to rate World Series Splatball! We had our daughters Birthday Party recently there. From the moment Ive contacted till the end of the party weve been so well helped and assisted. I wasnt 100% sure the number of attending kids but I wasnt pressurised by that which meant a lot to us. The party went absolutely great, we could bring our own food and drinks! Overall great venue and absolutely fantastic experience! Well done and looking forward to visit again. Kind regards, Katerina
by Katerina reviewed on 2016-04-04
Fantastic experience, a family activity for our sons birthday. Extremely well organised from booking to play. Clear directions great referee... Impressed with safety being of utmost importance. A highly recommended great activity..loads of laughs Thanks will return for a re battle
by Jane reviewed on 2016-03-21
Our son Ben loved his Splatball Party at the Oakleigh site. The instructor took over from the get go and had the kids sorted in no time. It was great to be able to bring in our own food and drinks too. All in all, great for kids and adults alike.
by Ben reviewed on 2016-03-21
Hi Guys. Thanks for making my Son Zacs Birthday Party so great Yesterday. All the kids loved it and I know there was talk of a few of them wanting there parties there. Being able to order in Pizza makes catering so easy. Your coffee is also good.
by Katie reviewed on 2016-03-21
The kids had a great time and all said they really enjoyed it and want to come back again
by Justin reviewed on 2016-03-21
we were thinking of having my sons birthday party there so we went there for a try to see what it was like and the boys had a ball so we will be booking a party in the next couple of months :) Great place and friendly staff
by Kristi reviewed on 2016-03-15
My ten year old son and his friends had a brilliant time at World Series Splatball Oakleigh. It was really well organised, all we had to do was turn up which is exactly what i want from a kids party! Its great that you can take your own food or order food in (paying for overpriced low-quality party food drives me mad at most party venues) and there was even a fridge to keep my cake fresh. We will definitely be returning for my other sons birthday later this year!
by Jane reviewed on 2016-03-15
A dream party for my son. And the big kid adults!
by Sarah reviewed on 2016-03-09
When I played splatball the other day with a group of my school friends I had a blast! Splatball is a really good way to interact with your friends, while being active, having fun and with a bit of competition. I love to win (as most do) and when you work in a team against your friends winning is even more fun as you get total bragging rights. Of course I love shooting all my mates, and seeing their massively exaggerated reactions. It is something I would recommended to kids of all ages as once you start you dont want to stop.
by Tess reviewed on 2016-03-08
What a great setup! My son and his friends had an awesome day. Very well run and organised and great value for money! Will definitely return!
by Kylie reviewed on 2016-03-01
My son had a terrific morning playing splat ball with his mates. The event was very well organised and the staff were great. Thanks for having us, my son is already organising his next trip to Splatball! We would highly recommend a party here.
by Will reviewed on 2016-02-29
Awesome session! Took a group of 30 senior school students to Oakleigh for a splat session. The instructors were fun and engaging while also looking after the safety of everyone involved. The kids had such a great time. Loved the venue, the staff and the price. Would definitely go again!
by Sam reviewed on 2016-02-29
Great fun for all - we had adults and kids playing. All left with smiles on their faces. Our referee was good spirited, had a great sense of fun, explained everything clearly. Highly recommended entertainment across all ages Thanks
by Hollowood Family reviewed on 2016-02-25
Great day. Kids loved it. Our referee was easy to understand and kept the play under control. Thanks
by Leanne reviewed on 2016-02-17
Splatball was amazing fun! We have a family of 9 and came down for our brothers birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it! We will definitely be back again and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for heaps of fun!! THANKS GUYS!
by Margarita reviewed on 2016-02-09
This place is excellent value for money compared to most of its competitors. Really friendly and helpful staff, and free use of tables for parties etc. The kids had a ball.
by Linda reviewed on 2016-02-08
Such fun.... we all had an amazing time, adults included. Great facility with the ability to self cater. Endless supply of splatballs was fantastic - a birthday my son wont forget in a hurry. Looking forward to going back to have some more fun. Thank you to the team at splatball for a great time.
by Rachel reviewed on 2016-02-06
Hi Guys, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all the staff at the Oakleigh centre. We had a party for my son Jarrod for his twelfth birthday. The staff were friendly, helpful and fun. The kids and participating adults had a ball. We couldnt sing your praises more. Thanks so much for a great party.
by Samantha reviewed on 2015-12-14
My Son and his mates truly had a blast at Splatball! Excellent fun and great value.
by Sandra reviewed on 2015-12-14
12 ten year old boys had a great time at Splatball the other day. Their coach/umpire was fantastic, got them ready quickly and maximised their play time. David was very helpful in the booking process as I tried to work out how many games to book and whether the party should stay on site for cake etc. Highly recommend - and all the splatball paint washed out of their clothes!
by Jocelyn reviewed on 2015-12-10
Kids had a great time, staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. I would highly recommended it
by Libby reviewed on 2015-12-08
Great assistance from staff. Very fun!
by Melanie reviewed on 2015-12-08
My son and his friends had a great time. It was well organised and provided a brilliant birthday party option! Will definitely come back again.
by Charlotte reviewed on 2015-12-07
The boys absolutely effing loved it. It was really interesting to see their different personalities play out during the games
by David reviewed on 2015-12-07
Everyone had a great time, staff very accommodating and pleasant to deal with, would highly recommend.
by Lana reviewed on 2015-12-07
David and the staff at World Series Splatball were fantastic to deal with. They were very accommodating to everyone's needs, friendly and easy to communicate with. I would defiantly recommend we go there again in the future.
by Interchange Outer East reviewed on 2015-12-04
Thanks so much to the World Series Splatball crew for such a wonderful party for my 10-year-old son. He and his friends had an absolute ball! In the lead up, your staff was so efficient, and the World Series Splatball staff on the day were so pleasant and accommodating. Highly recommend this as an amazing party option!
by Lysette reviewed on 2015-12-01
My son and his friends love this place! The staff are friendly and helpful too.
by Caroline reviewed on 2015-11-23
A great activity for super energetic kids ! The staff were very attentive and the girl who briefed us and welcomed us at the beginning was very nice. The umpire did a great job leading the kids and keeping the games flowing. All the kids had a great time but none more excited than my 45 year old husband ! Great for all ages !
by Kirsteen reviewed on 2015-11-16
Great event for team bonding. Kids (and adults) has a great time. Thanks
by Mark reviewed on 2015-11-16
This place was fantastic for my sons birthday and even just for a fun day out the boys had such a ball that we definatly will be back in the not to distant future and David was fantastic in organising it all I highly recommend this place to anyone I know a lot of people that will start using this for birthdays Thankyou David for everything.
by Fiona reviewed on 2015-11-16
The kids had a great time, the dads too! Great to have the tables available for a bit of party food afterwards. Would recommend to anyone thinking about it.
by Jessica reviewed on 2015-11-12
Communication was really good through the booking process, the boys all had a great time and all agreed that we would do it again. Loved the fact it was unlimited paint balls instead of being caught out having to buy extra, this was one of the reasons for securing our booking.
by Jenny reviewed on 2015-11-05
Our twin boys and their friends had the BEST time playing Splatball. The staff were wonderful and we loved how thorough they were with rules and most importantly, having fun. We would highly recommend to this all our friends. Thanks so much for making our boys birthday a memorable one.
by Sonia reviewed on 2015-10-26
I took my son(12) and 3 friends for a birthday treat. They all loved it! Awesome fun for them all, really well run by all the staff and I couldnt recommend it enough. Have told all my friends to try it. Will be back again. Thank you.
by Emma reviewed on 2015-10-19
We had a huge party with over 100 kids. The venue was amazing. The space available and ease of operations made the party a breeze. The staff handled everything so well and allowed the party to run smoothly. It was hassle free. We were able to bring in our own food due to strict dietary requirements and splatball was most accommodation. Thanks David, Brett and the team, it was an absolute pleasure dealing with you AND of course the kids had a ball.Thank you. A most memorable celebration.
by Tammy reviewed on 2015-10-19
My son celebrated his birthday with his mates at Splatball and they said it was the best fun! We were also well instructed on all the rules and regulations of the game by the friendly staff. We will definitely be back!
by Lisa reviewed on 2015-10-13
Fantastic boys party. The kids had a ball!
by Danielle reviewed on 2015-10-12
Really well organised and great fun. We had a little boy with cerebral palsy, and he was included and the referee was fabulous with him. He actually said : I think I have found my new sport". So thank you so much for a great day.
by Natalie reviewed on 2015-10-12
thanks for a fantastic afternoon! our soccer breakup was enjoyed immensely by all 17 boys and we will be back!
by Rarm reviewed on 2015-10-12
World Series Splatball was a hoot. Boys and girls from age 12 to 46 had a ball and the session was run very professionally. We will be back as this is the best paintball facility we have been to.
by Doug reviewed on 2015-10-12
Highly Recommend this place. Both Adults and children had a FANTASTIC time. Very organised and well controlled. Safety is taken seriously which is great to see. Great value for money!!! Very entertaining and only positive comments by all players. Thank you for a great time.
by Christine reviewed on 2015-10-08
The kids had a great time playing splatball & it was great to be able to bring our own food in for after the game. I loved the online chat which made it easy to ask quick simple questions without having to call through. We will definitely be back again!
by Leanne reviewed on 2015-10-06
For ages my son has wanted to play paintball but he is only 13 so loved that there is another option for the ones that are to young. They had so much fun playing splatball the 3 hour trip to play was well worth it would definitely come and play again :)
by Allyson reviewed on 2015-10-05
For a fun family activity, Splat Ball was perfect. Our group started at age 12 up to 52 and we all had a great time. The adults enjoyed it just as much as the kids. Everyone wants to do it again. thanks for accommodating us on the public holiday.
by Louise reviewed on 2015-10-05
We had a great time! The instructor maintained a safe & very enjoyable environment for the kids (& adults). The kids were still buzzing from excitement on the way home. We will definitely return!!
by Anthony reviewed on 2015-09-29
My two boys had a great birthday party at Oakleigh Splatball (18 kids) .It was great also that we could bring our food and drinks. Coffee was fabulous :):) Thanks
by Bianca reviewed on 2015-09-28
The instructor gave the young people clear instructions and was helpful. Lots of fun was had and it was a great team building exersice.
by Tania reviewed on 2015-09-28
The boys had a great day. Venue ran very well, thanks
by Natalie reviewed on 2015-09-28
Boys had a great time. As a mother I believe it was value Money. Very happy to recommend.
by Geraldine reviewed on 2015-09-28
Our group of 9 boys aged 10-12 had an absolute ball. Its been the highlight of their school holidays
by M Stanley reviewed on 2015-09-28
The boys had a blast at Splatball. I liked that we could bring our own food and cake because it helped out in the cost. It was a quick easy birthday party for us. Staff was very nice and friendly. They were able to control the kids while still keeping it fun. Thank you.
by Christine reviewed on 2015-09-26
As a tenth birthday party this was voted "best ever party" by the 14 kids attending. For me was worth the $ to see them have a great active time and easy to set up food on the tables for afterwards.
by Jane reviewed on 2015-09-23
The boys had a great time - could not stop them talking the whole way home in the car. Very successful party thank you.
by Luke reviewed on 2015-09-23
best bday party ever
by Nicholas reviewed on 2015-09-23
My son and his freinds had a great time! Friendly, attentive staff. Easy booking online and good value for money.
by Dianne reviewed on 2015-09-23
Great activity for large numbers. The referees made it more fun for the kids. Easy online payment made it easy for me to organise and confirm numbers. The initial consultation with Travis was informative and helpful. Great space to run around!
by Judith reviewed on 2015-09-23
Great venue, friendly staff and was easy to book. The group of boys had a great time.
by Louise reviewed on 2015-09-14
the boys had a ball, also a bit of a work out. 28 boys who were well supervised and any bad behaviour was not tolerated. Really pleased about that. Staff very nice.
by Linda reviewed on 2015-09-14
Our second time for an end of season party. Great fun for a team activity. The staff were very friendly, communicative and helpful.
by Lorraine reviewed on 2015-09-14
The Basketball group had a ball, they were all so hyped up after and talked about it throughout dinner. should be done prior to a season starting not at the end breakup. "Teamwork"
by Narelle reviewed on 2015-09-14
Staff were very friendly and helpful. Great place to have a party. My son and his friends had a great time. Thank you !
by Erika reviewed on 2015-09-14
The boys had an absolute ball. The session was really well run and your people are organised and great to deal with. Nothing was a problem.
by Kylie reviewed on 2015-09-14
The boys loved the splat ball, the field has some great new features, and the crew were well organised, helpful and ran a really fun session. Thanks.
by Marie reviewed on 2015-09-14
The girls basketball breakup was a huge success having the session run by a friendly team, from the splatball games to admin. Tables reserved and suggestions of catering in the area, a well organised team effort
by Joe reviewed on 2015-09-14
it was a great day for fathers day event with 5 other families ,Thanks to Libby for putting up with our crazy and wild families . will definitely recommend to others .
by Lisa reviewed on 2015-09-07
My son and his friends had a fantastic time. Thank you for helping make the party a success!
by Surila reviewed on 2015-09-07
A great way for parents and children to interact and have fun. Friendly, funny and helpful staff makes the occasion enjoyable. Thanks again.
by Georgina reviewed on 2015-09-04
We held my sons 12 Birthday with his friends and it was a collective winner. They all had a great day and are still talking about it. Thank you
by Methew reviewed on 2015-09-03
The boys had a terrific time, still taking about it. Loved how I could bring my own food to the venue and there were no minimum number of kids I had to bring in order to play. Makes it a very cost effective party.
by Rachel reviewed on 2015-09-03
Kids and adults absolutely loved it. My son wants to come back..maybe for his birthday.
by Melissa reviewed on 2015-09-03
Great place for a party. Good to be able to take your own food. Very accommodating to our needs. Kids had fun!
by Luisa reviewed on 2015-09-02
Great fun. Toilets clean. Good size tables and space for afterwards. Staff were very good. - Could do with better coffee!!
by Merissa reviewed on 2015-08-24
The boys had a ball! The indoor arena ensures weather isnt an issue and there are no surprise extra costs for the juniors (parents!). They are looking forward to being able to do the full paintball experience as an over 18 participant!
by Vicki reviewed on 2015-08-24
The U18 boys of the Melbourne Tigers Basketball Team had a great time. Staff friendly and helpful. Bookings Easy Thank you
by Susi reviewed on 2015-08-24
Well organised and managed during game play Friendly staff Great facilities Loved it
by Steve reviewed on 2015-08-24
The kids had a great time and spent all weekend talking about who shot who, and how many hits they got. We found the price was the best in Melbourne and we really liked the fact that there were tables to sit and eat, and you could bring your own food and drink at no extra cost. We will definitely be returning!
by Jana reviewed on 2015-08-24
We had my daughter party here on Sunday and all kids had a blast. The guys were friendly and the kids had fun. The tables provided was a bonus and we could bring food in which was great but there are food and drinks there if you didnt want to bring your own. The kids had a table to themselves to eat snack and talk about the great time they had in their splatball session. Overall, highly recommended for both boys and girls.
by Ann reviewed on 2015-08-12
The boys had a blast. It was so much fun. Thank you for the amaizing day! We will definitely be returning for more fun.
by Nadeen reviewed on 2015-08-11
hi guys just wanted to let you know that our kids loved, loved, loved their paintball session and have already asked when we can do it again.
by Paul reviewed on 2015-08-11
So much fun. The kids did not stop laughing after getting over their fears that Splatball would hurt them. Will definitely book again.
by Anne reviewed on 2015-08-10
My mum and dad bought me a yearly pass for my birthday. I have had great fun playing splatball. Its the best.
by Noah reviewed on 2015-08-10
I highly recommend this venue for birthday parties or just a fun day out. The staff were fantastic and the paintball games and equipment were brilliant. We will be back.
by Alix reviewed on 2015-08-10
I thought it was a lovely experience for the children they all enjoyed themselves. Good customer service both prior and on the day.
by Patricia reviewed on 2015-08-03
Professional staff ensured an efficient preparation beforehand. The facilities were well organised and the equipment was of a good standard. The party group thoroughly enjoyed their time here. A lot of fun and they are looking forward to paintballing!
by Peter reviewed on 2015-08-03
Everyone had a great time,will recommend you to anyone wanting to do paintball
by Samantha reviewed on 2015-07-28
was really well run,staff were awesome.the kids had a great time no bruises and are busting to do it again! would difenitly recommend it
by Nicole reviewed on 2015-07-28
Party was for 21 12-year old boys. They had an absolute blast - some saying it was the best party ever. So easy for me to organise and fact that we could bring our own food was a real plus. Liked the fact that there was a staff person on the field with the boys to keep everything safe. Will definitely recommend to others.
by Kim reviewed on 2015-07-28
My son had an absolute ball doing World Series Splatball for his birthday. The staff were fabulous and made the whole experience very easy and enjoyable
by Claire reviewed on 2015-07-22
Thank you so much for an amazing day... All the boys had a ball!! So easy to organise and thanks to Bruno from "Brunos Cafe"... Even the food was fabulous! I have had numerous text messages thanking me for such a fantastic party... And our son has thanked us about 5 times!!! But really the thanks all goes to the wonderful staff at World Series...and Bruno..they made my job as Birthday Mum a breeeze... It was too easy!!! Who would have thought shooting your friends could be so much fun!! Thank you again...we couldnt have asked for a better day😊
by Wendy reviewed on 2015-07-22
We had a fantastic time, all the kids and especially the parents enjoyed themselves. Thank you
by Donna reviewed on 2015-07-21
My 13yr old twins had their party at oakleigh splatball with 10 of their friends, all the kids had a great time and are wanting to go again. The staff were very friendly and helpful Highly recommend for hassle free entertainment
by Trudy reviewed on 2015-07-21
Great customer service from my first call right through to the event itself. Very friendly and informative staff. Good price for a super fun activity. The boys loved it!
by Julie reviewed on 2015-07-21
The kids had a great time. The games were run very well and the kids couldnt stop talking about it all the way home and the next day at school. I already know another party that will be booked because of my daughters party and I am sure there may be some more!
by Adrian reviewed on 2015-07-21
My friends and I always have great fun blasting each other with paint balls! Its a great way to spend a few hours when you dont have much else to do.
by Ben reviewed on 2015-07-15
From booking, to playing, then paying, we were treated with happy enthusiasm from staff. I communicated with your staff using the computer chat, phone, and then in person at the party. At every instance, people were knowledgeable and professional. No stress or concerns while arranging a birthday party for 13 boys who all had a great time. Thank you!
by Elizabeth reviewed on 2015-07-14
Awesome fun with our group of 21 swimmers with ages ranging from 10-43! Fantastic venue with super helpful and friendly staff. We will be back again!
by Firbank Aquastars Swimming reviewed on 2015-07-14
All good. Students had a great time
by McGuire College Shepparton reviewed on 2015-07-09
Was awesome... great customer service & great fun.
by Kerryn reviewed on 2015-07-08
Our swimmers really enjoyed the atmosphere at Oakleigh Splatball. The games were enjoyable and varied to keep everyone entertained. I particularly enjoyed the fact that our younger members were able to participate and mix with the older swimmers in this activity.
by Ian reviewed on 2015-07-06
Kids had a blast they cant wait to come back next school holidays!! Great fun and great service thanks you.
by Michelle reviewed on 2015-07-06
The 10 kids we took had a great time with the paintball, great facility, well organised and loads of fun. The party was a great success and the kids loved every minute.
by Adrian reviewed on 2015-07-06
A truly great experience that is professional and exciting for the kids. The referees are very strict with the boys which is perfect. Will go again....
by Amanda reviewed on 2015-07-06
All the boys loved it. They had so much fun. It was a great party.
by Nicole reviewed on 2015-07-05
We have been here a couple of times now and both times the Venturer Scouts have had a great time, and the team were fantastic. Will definitely be using them again.
by Charnea reviewed on 2015-07-03
Totally awesome. The kids had a great time, the staff were terrific and made organising the kids easy. Thanks!
by Judy reviewed on 2015-06-30
Had a great session playing Splatball with a group of year nine students. Great induction for the students around safety and lots of fun games. We will be back again.
by Tristan reviewed on 2015-06-29
This is the second time we have used Oakleigh Splatball for a birthday party. It is a good activity for teenage boys. The staff are very nice and easygoing. I was able to bring whatever food and drinks I wanted. This was very helpful. The waiting area was very cold so I had to rug up. Appart from that everything is very good.
by Rachel reviewed on 2015-06-29
Kids had so much fun, staff were very friendly and helpful. The only thing that I would suggest is maybe a form for catering for birthday parties! Otherwise fun had by all. Thx
by Juanita reviewed on 2015-06-29
The girls really enjoyed the party. One thing I think could be improved is the cleanliness of the waiting/table area. Regular cleaning of tables & flooring inbetween party groups would be good. Staff were very friendly & helpful.
by Carolyn reviewed on 2015-06-29
Kids had an absolute ball despite having age range in group from 9 to 23. Staff were very helpful & obliging considering we were the last group on a Sunday night. We had a great night & will definitely be coming back!!
by Liz reviewed on 2015-06-29
Took my kids and their friend to Splatball Sunday. The place is amazing. We all had an absolute ball. Great staff, very professional set up and very family friendly. Will be coming back soon.
by Chris reviewed on 2015-06-22
What an amazing birthday party. The kids had so much fun. My son cant wait to play again.
by reviewed on 2015-06-22
Thanks for a great time, really well organised, great venue the kids had a ball
by Silvana reviewed on 2015-06-09
My son and all his mates had a awesome time playing splatball for his 11 th birthday. The staff were all friendly, helpful and efficient, I would definately recommend World Series Splatball to anyone.
by Kate reviewed on 2015-06-01
The boys had an amazing time! It is loads of fun! It was everything my 10yo imagined it to be! It was managed well both in keeping the boys entertained and keeping an eye on the safety of all involved. Well done to the Splatball team we will definitely be back!!
by Mark reviewed on 2015-06-01
My son and his friends had the best time at Splatball Oakleigh, it was very well run and the kids enjoyed every minute of it, including dad who also joined in the on the fun. Also liked that we could bring our own food and drinks, made it a cost effective party and the no minimum numbers also made it cost effective.
by Rachel reviewed on 2015-06-01
Excellent interaction from time of booking through to completion of event. Well run operation.
by Anna reviewed on 2015-06-01
My son celebrated his birthday with a splatball party and his friends and him really enjoyed the experience and all of them wanted to come back and do it again. It was well-run and organised and very easy for me!
by Natasha reviewed on 2015-05-29
The boys had an amazing time and couldnt stop raving about it. Great fun!
by Aurelia reviewed on 2015-05-28
An amazing fun day for all. We relaxed over a hot coffee at the cafeteria while our eight teen and two adult players where taken out fully supervised and in protective gear. Extremely exciting day, very organised with fun and enthusiastic staff members. Will definetly recommend to others. We will play again.
by Julie reviewed on 2015-05-27
My daughter and her friends had an absolute ball on the day. It was so well organized! From the start, staff were thorough, helpful and friendly...and accommodating! Thank you ... Have already recommended you to other friends.
by Janet reviewed on 2015-05-26
The kids loved it and none of them had done it before so it was something new. Self catering was a bonus.
by Susan reviewed on 2015-05-19
My son and his friends absolutely loved splatball. One of his friends was nervous about being hurt, but after a minute of playing, he commented that"" this is awesome". It would be great if there was an area for the parents observing to see their kids clearer, instead of through the mesh.
by Glenn (father of a 10 years old boy) reviewed on 2015-05-18
Kids had lots of fun and would recommend it to all , Overall a great day.
by Lisa reviewed on 2015-05-18
The kids had an absolutely fantastic time. It was very well organized and staff directed the activity with expertise. Definitely would recommend it. I was particularly impressed at how friendly and helpful the staff were - that makes all the difference. However, it does concern me that shooting can be so much fun, especially for the adult groups!
by Petra reviewed on 2015-05-18
This was a lot of fun for a party. Well organised and efficient. My only complaint is its not very visible for spectators. The kids however, thought it was awesome.
by Jodie reviewed on 2015-05-18
I really loved this and the person who helped us was really funny and helpful. I had an awesome time and I would recommend this place to anyone who wanted to have a good time
by Annie reviewed on 2015-05-18
The boys have said it was the BEST birthday party ever!!!! It was super easy to organise too. I would highly recommend a Splatball party.
by Sarah reviewed on 2015-05-12
My son & his friends had an awesome time playing splatball. It was just the right length of time. I was very impressed by the staffs supervision of the players during the combat. BYO own party food was a big bonus in a very relaxed atmosphere. Great value with the Multipass!!
by Anna reviewed on 2015-05-07
Absolutely awesome fun,the boys had a fab time,see you guys next year!
by Tammie reviewed on 2015-05-04
We had a great party. The staff were excellent, attentive and informative. I would recommend you guys to anyone wanting value for money and great fun. I think the price is right for the content and duration. Well done guys.
by Bek reviewed on 2015-04-28
The kids enjoyed it very much and would like to return
by Rai reviewed on 2015-04-28
Thanks guys, especially Michael, for your enthusiastic, friendly and helpful service in organising and running two birthday parties for us so far this year. Splatball is great fun and lots of our guests want to book in for their parties.
by Kuppy reviewed on 2015-04-27
My son and his friends had a great time. Being a sporty group the unlimited paint balls is fantastic and certainly saved me a lot of money. We will definitely be coming back, they cant wait until they are 18 to try paintball.
by Kirsty reviewed on 2015-04-27
Great service, schedules ran on time and place was flexible for bringing own food.
by Dennis reviewed on 2015-04-27
Awesome!! The boys loved it and so did the parents. Not only was it great fun, but also a really good workout as everyone was exhausted at the end. Special mention to Matt for looking after us and organising the games.
by Elicia reviewed on 2015-04-13
We had an awesome time playing Splatball. It was fun for young and old. My boys loved ganging up on my husband and myself but we got ours back just as good. We all came out laughing. Great being active, great times with the family and great fun all round. Will be coming again.
by Rosalie reviewed on 2015-04-13
We have had two birthday parties at splatball and another session over school holidays just for fun. On all these occasions my kids and their friends both female and male have had a fantastic time. Cheers
by Sylvia reviewed on 2015-04-13
great day thanks, kids had a ball, our host was great
by Penny reviewed on 2015-04-07
Thanks for providing the opportunity to give you some feedback about our experience at WPS. The boys loved their session on Saturday - some expressed a desire to play in a bigger field (they were all eyeing off Field 4!). They played on Field 1. Your staff were excellent - friendly, well informed and great with the kids. It would be terrific if time was made straight after the sessions end for parents/friends to take photos of the kids with their helmets and paint spattered gear still on. Just a minute or two before theyre asked to take off the vests and helmets.Overall, a great experience and Id recommend it to other kids and parents as a birthday party option.
by Anna reviewed on 2015-03-31
We had a surprised party for our son Will at splatball and the boys loved it. Us parents liked the safety drill and the boys loved the game. They finished up with smiles and were tired from all the fun. We bought party food and the table was big enough for us all. The kids and parents loved the paintball wall and we had a fun group photo. Splatball stings but the kids didnt come away hurt or covered in bruises as some would say. I know we will be back, perhaps we might have a go too! Good value for money, friendly staff and easy to find location.
by Kerryn reviewed on 2015-03-23
Awesome. This is what the kids kept on saying. Great venue and value for money. Thanks for the great memories.
by Susan reviewed on 2015-03-23
It was really well organised and the kids had a great time, thanks
by Helen reviewed on 2015-03-23
We held my sons birthday party here and were very pleased with the high levels of safety practised by the operators. Getting tens of teenage boys to listen and observe safety measures is no mean feat but the guys at World Series Splatball did this very well.
by Lawrence reviewed on 2015-03-23
for my son Nicks bday, he and 17 of his friends had the time of their life running around and shooting each other up with paint!
by Marc reviewed on 2015-03-23
Kids had a ball! Was worried it wasnt going to be enough for 14yr olds but it was!! Thx for a grt afternoon.
by Zander reviewed on 2015-03-23
We have found Boy Paradise! Kids absolutely loved in. We will return....
by Kathleen reviewed on 2015-03-16
We would like to thank the team at World Series Splatball for being so hospitable and accommodating to our small special ed school. You guys did everything in your power to help run a great activity day for our students who would not get a chance at doing something so fun otherwise. I will definitely be passing on my recommendations and we hope to see you again as a school more often.
by School Group reviewed on 2015-03-16
Kids had awesome time. Staff were very polite and helpful. Highly recommended. Big fun for everyone! Thank you. See you again in the future.
by Irene reviewed on 2015-03-10
Couldnt have asked for better service, the weather unfortunately was not the greatest on our first attemp but we were able to rebook for the following week and the kids had a blast. Thank you very much I know we and a lot of the other childrens parents from zacks party will defiantly be going back. Thank you again
by Malita reviewed on 2015-03-02
It was a great experience, all the kids had a blast, and the parents thought it was a lot of fun too!
by David reviewed on 2015-03-02
Great time for adults and young teens to play together, both in a team building structured & cooperative way and in a free form melee, both with pretty instant gratification! Facilities are good, staff competent & friendly. As with all things in life, you get out of it what you put in - go to have fun and you will.
by Stephen reviewed on 2015-02-25
Codys birthday Party at Oakleigh Splatball is one of the easiest parties I have done and the kids had a great time!! The staff at the venue are very helpful and friendly and the venue is great. Thank you to the staff who helped make my sons birthday party a real hit!
by Tania reviewed on 2015-02-24
My son Taj and his friends had a fantastic time. The venue was great with lots of room. The only issue was food for the kids. Wouldve been great if you provided hot dogs, sausage rolls, pies etc. Thanks again, we will definately be back!!
by Stacey reviewed on 2015-02-24
Really awesome for teenage boys and girls. My daughter and her friends had a great time and some friends are already planning their own birthday parties at the same place. I initially had reservations about my daughter having this kind of birthday party because at the age of 15, some of her girl friends are fast becoming young ladies and might not be interested in this kind of activity. I was blown away that everyone of them really had a great blast and had 2 moms who thanked me the following day because their daughters had so much fun. The staff are really very friendly and encouraging. No hassle in booking the session time as well. I would recommend it to anyone for parties, team building or just to have some fun.
by Debbie reviewed on 2015-02-24
Whole family had a blast. Fully recommend it and do it again next time we are in melbourne.
by Damian reviewed on 2015-02-18
I brought my staff here for a bit of team building, a bit of stress release and a lot of fun and laughs. We get exactly that. The guys run a safe but very fun session. Looking forward to next time. Highly recommend.
by Renae reviewed on 2015-02-17
My son and his friends had a great time on Saturday! One kid said it was the best party hes ever been to and another told his mum he wants his party there aswell! It was great to go somewhere different and special that hasnt been done to death already! We had girls and boys from 9yrs to 14yrs old and they all loved it! I played and enjoyed too! It doesnt hurt and bruise like regular 18yrs.+ paintball! The kids would like a brighter colour paint that makes more mess!
by Carly reviewed on 2015-02-17
Great venue, ample seating for birthday parties... option to bring your own food, fantastic and the boys had fun, money well spent and many great stories were shared over cake....
by Olga reviewed on 2015-02-16
We had both girls and boys come to our party and all really loved it. Even the girls who thought they might not like it! The session was well organized, safe and they had lots of fun. They were hot and tired when they finished but they had the best time!
by Dianne reviewed on 2015-02-10
Great fun for my sons birthday. Well organised, friendly staff. Recommend to anyone looking for a teen birthday idea.
by David reviewed on 2015-02-09
My son and a few of his friends had a great time at Splatball. Will definately go again and will recommend to others.
by Maree reviewed on 2015-02-09
Kids had an awesome time
by Ange reviewed on 2015-02-02
Kids had a ball, friendly staff who controlled and instructed the large group without a problem. Plenty of room to celebrate the birthday afterwards.
by Rhian reviewed on 2015-01-28
My son and his friends loved every second of their 90 minute session! !! It ended too soon. I would highly recommend WSP to everyone who wants to entertain their kids and actually have fun. The booking was extremely easy and the staff were friendly and helpful from start to finish. Thank you David and everyone who helped us on the day!!
by Sonya reviewed on 2015-01-27
The service was fantastic from the first contact to the end of the games and the boys had a great time playing Splatball. We would definitely come again.
by Corinna reviewed on 2015-01-20
This was great ,both myself & my kids loved this & will be back & have been praising your centre to all we know ..... Great venue & your instructed were very professional. Well done on creating this & I wish you well . Thanks Colin .
by Colin reviewed on 2015-01-19
Wish it was a longer session. Awesome fun !
by Joshua reviewed on 2015-01-19
Great value in the fact that unlimited balls for the kids, everyone who played had an amazing time and would love to do it again.one comment made was that it was the best birthday party had ever been to...well organised and executed.
by Diane F reviewed on 2014-12-18
Great fun for both kids and adults. It would be good if there was a better view of the ranges from the tables.
by Jackie W reviewed on 2014-12-16
Boys all had a fantastic time thank you
by Georgie M reviewed on 2014-12-15
My boys loved it. Very well organised and all staff happy and friendly. Will definitely be back!!
by Leanne K reviewed on 2014-12-15
The boys had a fabulous time at Splatball. The briefing was thorough and the leader was friendly and patient. We did have one young player who was a bit intimidated by the noise of another much older group and chose not to play but generally the boys were excited by the opportunity to run around and compete against each other. Good space afterwards to eat and share the birthday cake!
by Nicki L reviewed on 2014-12-13

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Splatball News...

Go Crazy with Unlimited Paintballs at World Series Splatball! With over 7 years experience of running paintball games we know the one key to ensuring our customers have a raving time is "More Paintballs = More Fun". So we have included unlimited paintballs with all our sessions to ensure our customers go crazy and walk away as Raving Fans of World Series Splatball. The average player uses around 350 paintballs (or 25 magazines), so as well as enjoying a heart thumping adrenaline rush, World Series Splatball is also sensational value at just $39.50 per person (some competitors are charging over $100 per person for the same number of paintballs* - can you believe it!).

Kids Paintball

Splatball is the name we have given to our Kids Paintball games to ensure we don't mix them up with the adult version. Splatball can be enjoyed from ages 8+ and is available at both Oakleigh and Little Eiver locations. It uses smaller paintballs and lower powered guns, other than that it is virtually the same!

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Splatball is the best party available for anyone aged 8 and above. Kids are raving about Splatball, seeing their mates jump and squirm after being nailed from long range — priceless!

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Is there a better way to either start a season or finish a season than with a game of Splatball?  Splatball is a game that needs teamwork in order to win and take down the opposition so come and visit us to celebrate your team!


Let's get ready to rumble!  Mum against Son! Dad against Daughter! Or bring on the extended family and take down Pops!  Everyone's welcome when it comes to Splatball.

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A lot of people want to know what are the difference between Paintball and Splatball so we have made an information pages to explain the similarities and differences between the two activitie. Click here for more info ....

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Compare splatball to miniball and see how our unlimited paintball offering will save you heaps! Click here for more info ....

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